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3 Reasons To Use Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the most popular and practical ways to use active recall for studying. Here are some of the benefits of using flashcards for studying.

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1. Active Learning

Flashcards promote active learning by requiring us to actively engage with the material. Unlike passive learning, where we simply read or listen to information, active learning requires us to actively process and think about the information. This process of active learning helps to consolidate memories and improve retention.
When we create flashcards, we are actively engaging with the material and forcing ourselves to think deeply about it. This process of active recall helps to strengthen the connections between neurons and improves our ability to retain the information.

2. Immediate feedback

Flashcards are a great tool for identifying gaps in our understanding of a specific topic. Even if we think we know a topic well enough by reading about it, we can never be certain that we actually understand it fully until we quiz ourselves about it. Flashcards provide immediate feedback, which can be helpful in identifying areas where we need to focus our study. When we answer a flashcard incorrectly, we can immediately see that we need to review that information more thoroughly. This type of immediate feedback helps to reinforce learning and improve retention. It also helps us identify areas where we need to focus our study and improve our overall understanding of the topic.

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3. Easy to Use

Finally, flashcards are easy to use and can be used to study any topic you can think of. They can be used in a variety of settings, such as during a break at work or while commuting on public transportation. It is also easy to create them, be it on paper or digitally. Several resources online let you create flashcards digitally.

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