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Create sets of flashcards
with ease.

Add flashcards to your flashcard sets.
Highlight what matters by using
bullet points and even code blocks.

Track your progress.

Track your proficiency by flashcard set.
Focus on improving what matters most.

Flashmorize app screenshot
Flashmorize app screenshot
Review effectively

Review your flashcards based on your flashcard sets.
Want to review the ones with the lowest retention rate first?
No problem.

Study smarter, not harder.

active recall

Instead of simply going over your notes, reviewing with flashcards is based on active recall. You are actively quizzing yourself. Active recall is considered to be a very efficient learning strategy.

immediate feedback

Flashcards provide immediate feedback. This helps to identify areas where you need to focus your studies on. With flashmorize.com you can sort your flashcard sets in order to review the flashcards with lowest score first.


By reviewing regularly what you have learned and space out those review sessions you are also using the concept of spaced-repetition. It is beneficial for storing knowledge in your long term memory.

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